Date: 4/29/18 5:15 pm
From: Steve Mullen <gungagalunga23...>
Subject: [wisb] Winnebago, Waushara, Marquette, Green Lake & Portage Co.'s today- long
Hello, We birded 5 Counties today. Highlights are as follows.
Started at sun up on Shady Lane west of Neenah trying for Short Eared Owls
and whiffed, but we may have missed them by a few minutes. No winnowing
Snipe either but it was 30 degrees out.
Anderson Sod Farm on the Winnebago/Outagamie County line had Savannah
Sparrow, but no shorebirds.
We hit Heckrodt in Menasha at 6:30 and got a Winter Wren to pop onto a
boardwalk for us. A Barred Owl was still out. We got Golden Crowned
Kinglets there also.
After a breakfast stop in Neenah we got word of the Curlew and made
straight for it just north of Bancroft in Portage Co.
We whiffed on the Curlew. Just Yellowlegs when we got to the spot. Took
Coddington West to Taft and into Buena Vista (Portage Co.) where we saw
quite a few more Savannah's and a few Vesper Sparrows and Brewers
Blackbirds.. We got Northern Harriers, 2 Rough Legged Hawks, on the North
end also. Got a Great Horned Owl on a nest with younguns on Townline Rd
South of Griffith before running into Miles Hurlbut for the second time
He pointed us toward the forbidden Cranes on the way South on Co. Rd F. We
got Trump Swans there as well, and a Pintail.
We swung South on C.Rd W off Hwy 73 and got Swans and a few duck species at
the pond next to the cranberry farm. There was a dead Swan laying near the
water there.
We hooked around Owen's Rock and took Apache West toward the forbidden Road
at 6th & D.
Got a Raven on Apache, and saw 2 pair of Swans on the 6th Ave pond. The
Eagles were on the massive nest there.
After a stop north of Montello at the folks, where we picked up foy Phoebe,
we headed East thru Berlin toward Oshkosh. Got a single Bluebird on the
outskirts of Berlin (Green Lake Co.) and some N. Rough Winged Swallows near
the Fox River bridge in downtown Berlin.
We checked a few places on the way back for marsh birds- like Sand Pit RD
in Winnebago Co., but only got a Great Egret and more Yellowlegs.
I believe we had 90 birds on the day but did not have a single Warbler,
only one Bluebird and one Phoebe. It was a big day for Flickers, Red
Bellied Woodpeckers and Northern Harriers today.
Hope that helps,
Steve Mullen, Oshkosh

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