Date: 4/29/18 5:10 pm
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Subject: [VA-bird] Spring Birds at my new home in Forest, Va.

It has been an exciting week for me to see what will be arriving or passing through at my new home in Forest, Va.
The humming birds arrived here this week as I tried to get their attention by attaching large red bows to the hooks
on my back deck and front porch. I had one male last Monday, on Tuesday I had two males chasing each other and today
I have seen a female at the feeder.
This location is very different from my former home in Concord, Va. There I had open fields with wooded areas much farther
away. I rarely saw warblers in any numbers. Here my deck is about 10 yards for a large wooded area with a small stream,
sycamores, tulip poplars, maples and oaks in addition to considerable understory. This week in the evening, I have seen
small groups, around 5 or 6 , of warblers pass through high up in the larger trees. With good light I have seen, blk throated green,
chestnut sided, female redstart, black and white, and yesterday a male and female rose breasted grosbeak and a brilliant Baltimore
oriole. I need to add R C kinglets seen every day this week and 2 palm warblers as well as yellow rumps. I eagerly await wood thrush, indigo bunting and hopefully
an ovenbird.
Taking up residence here for the summer are a pair of catbirds which I adore, a pair of towhee, earlier a pair of brown thrashers.
Downy, hairy and red bellied woodpeckers are seen every day.
On the lake I have seen an osprey sitting in a tree but no evidence of a nest and 2 green herons. A pair of mallards with 6 ducklings following
and a pair of Canada Geese with 5 little ones. The air over the lake is filled with swallows, tree, barn, cliff and rough winged. My next door neighbor
has a swallow either barn or cliff, haven't seen it yet, building a nest over the front door light. Lots of what looks like reed grass and then mud forming the nest. Just saw that
today. Need to do more investigating. Other residents tell me swallows build under decks and porches all around the lake..
The problem here is not being able to get anything done because of watching birds all the time. To my way of thinking, it
doesn't get any better than that.
Peggy Lyons
Bedford County.
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