Date: 4/29/18 2:50 pm
From: John Rowlett via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Excessive use of owl playback?

I think Janice Frye's suggestion is a plausible one. A pair of Barred Owls
is holding territory this Spring in my neighborhood (less than a mile from
Charlottesville High School). On April 1, no fooling, I witnessed one of
the owls deliver its classic advertising call every 40 seconds or so for
almost two hours. I was astonished. Last evening one of them began calling
at 5:45p and continued, off and on, for three hours, though not as
consistently or regularly as the April 1 bird. In the piney woods of east
Texas and in the mountains of West Virginia I've heard them call for hours
on end when conditions were right. I don't know the details of your
experience with the putative birder using playback to excess, but I
wouldn't be surprised to learn that you were hearing actual Barred Owls
after all.

John Rowlett
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