Date: 4/29/18 1:05 pm
From: Kelly Chitwood <kellyannchitwood...>
Subject: Lollie Bottoms, Hartman and Holla Bend
We birded the Arkansas River Valley this weekend, netting 71 species for the weekend.

At Hartman we had huge flocks of Dickcissels, Orchard Orioles, Yellow-rumped Warblers, with a couple of dozen Baltimore Orioles.

We searched in vain for Yellow-headed Blackbirds, but did find Bobolinks on the levee road at Hartman.

We had an interesting falcon species near the pinned location for the Long-billed Curlew. Since we didn’t get a enough time to view it, I can’t be certain to it’s ID: but the distinctive facial marking wasn’t as prominent on this light brown bird. It also appeared larger than a kestrel. Oh well.

We had three Swainson’s Hawks at Hartman.

One Swainson’s Thrush at Lake Atkins.

Several groups of Bobolinks were at the Conway municipal airport (Cantrell field).

What a beautiful place and beautiful weekend!

Kelly Chitwood
El Dorado, AR

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