Date: 4/29/18 11:44 am
From: Richrd Gunn <richardgunn1940...>
Subject: New stuff on Jenkins
I always do better when I bird with the pros and this morning I had the
pleasure of birding with Nathan Kuhnert for a while We were greeted by a
number of Lincoln sparrows and a chorus of just arrived Dickscissels. Also
I got a FOS Indigo Bunting or two and a Bells Vireo but the best bird of
the day was a Northern Waterthrush, sort of, Although I did't see it, I saw
Randy Soto's camera shot that he and the Okla biological Survey team had
just mist netted and banded along the outlet creek. His photo was a lot
more credible than my visual ID would have been. Nearly 50 species despite
a paucity of kingbirds and swallows and only one warbler--Yellow-throated
Nathan picked up a several that I missed--a Yellow and inaudible (to me)
Parula and Grasshopper Sparrows.

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