Date: 4/29/18 11:13 am
From: Carol Ortenzio <protenz78...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...>
Subject: [wsbn] Good Birding [1 Attachment]
This little guy is too pretty not to share. Found him & some friends down at Horsethief Canyon SWA this am. I was hoping to see the Plumbeous Vireo, but no luck. I did find a Western Wood-Peewee & a Lazuli Bunting. Katey Buster birded the western side of Connected Lakes this am & she asked me to post that she had lots of Kinglets, a Plumbeous Vireo, Yellow Warblers, Black-headed Grosbeak, & also a Lazuli Bunting. Lots of birds despite the wind!
Carol Ortenzio
Grand Junction


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