Date: 4/29/18 7:40 am
From: Hakim Barrett <hakimbarrett...>
Subject: [wisb] Lone Rock and Spring Green yesterday
Hi, there are separate checklists for both locations.

Chipping sparrow 2

Am. Coot 100+

Pied-billed grebe 2

Lesser scaup 10

Ring-necked duck 1

Bufflehead 2

Blue-winged teal 2

Gadwall 2

Canada goose (including goslings) 8

Barn swallow 5

Tree swallow 2

FOY N Rough-winged swallow 2

Red-winged blackbird 2

Brown-headed cowbird 1

American robin 1

N cardinal 2

Blue jay 2

FOY Blue-gray gnatcatcher 1

Yellow-rumped warbler 5

Pine warbler 1

FOY Palm warbler 2

Red-breasted nuthatch-2 calling in Sauk County forest

Brown thrasher 2

Golden-crowned kinglet 1

Ruby-crowned kinglet 2

Black-capped chickadee 1

Am. Goldfinch 1

Pine siskin 1

Northern harrier 1

Great Blue heron 1

Sandhill crane 1

Song sparrow 1

Swamp sparrow 2

Eastern phoebe 1

YB sapsucker 1

Red-bellied woodpecker-1 in Sauk County forest

Eastern towhee 1


Turkey vulture-1 on the way there

Am. Crow 1

Eastern bluebird 1

FOY Lark sparrow 5

FOY Grasshopper sparrow 1

FOY Vesper sparrow 1

Field sparrow 1

Eastern meadowlark 4

House finch 1

Downy woodpecker 1

Hairy woodpecker 1

Mourning dove 1

Also had a Carolina wren singing in my yard. 50 species today. Good

Hakim Barrett
Sauk County


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