Date: 4/29/18 7:00 am
From: <eileenworman...>
Subject: [wisb] White-winged Dove, Richfield, Washington County
Yesterday morning I noticed white patches on the back of what I
assumed was a Mourning Dove flying from the deck feeder and I should
have known it wasn't just a Mourning Dove. Then late in the afternoon,
from inside the house, I pointed out the dove on the feeder to my
husband, noting the white edges on its wings.
Well, was a White-winged Dove. And of course I couldn't get
any pix of it then.
So this morning the first thing on my mind was hoping the bird would
return and it has been in the yard and on the feeder a few times,
And I have some pix, one of which you can see here:
Certainly a new addition to our yard list which is now at 106 and a
life bird for us, too.
I have reported it on ebird, as well.
We've added six life birds at this new house since moving here in
March 2017.
There really is something special about this spot.
We still have a pair of Pine Siskins in the yard, BTW.
Eileen Worman
Richfield, Washington County

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