Date: 4/29/18 2:44 am
From: Evelyn Cooper <emcooper...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] red bellied woodpecker
I have many, many natural cavities all around my property and my yard. I have at least two pairs of Red-bellied Woodpeckers that come to my feeder year round. They bring their young to the feeder too. I know they are not nesting in any of my nestboxes, so they are nesting in the natural cavities. I also have Red-headed Woodpeckers do the same. Plus, I have a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers that have shown up a few times right outside my yard and pecked on trees. They have never come to the feeder.
Evelyn Cooper
Delhi, LA

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Subject: [LABIRD-L] red bellied woodpecker

I have a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers nesting in a rather dead pecan tree in my backyard. Unusual or not so much? I've been reading but have not determined.

I also saw my first up close yellow warbler today thanks to some binoculars. A male.

I don't know if it's important but my backyard is a public golf course in a old neighborhood, so lots of old trees.

NW Louisiana
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