Date: 4/28/18 12:57 pm
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Subject: Re: [VA-bird] REALLY excessive use of bird call
Some turkey hunters use a barred owl call to draw the gobblers in.

- Janis

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>Subject: [VA-bird] REALLY excessive use of bird call
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>On Saturday, September 21, starting at 5:37 PM and continuing until after 10 PM,? I heard?"who cooks for you" for about 15 minutes of every hour!!!!!
>I don't know for a fact, but I am assuming someone was trying to determine if there were any Barred Owls in this area as he/she made his/her way up the mountain behind me and along the roadways to the north of where I live.
>This use of the Barred Owl call seems far too excessive to be a birder doing this just for his/her own knowledge, so I'm wondering if it was for the atlasing project that is taking place.? A downside of citizen science is that it encourages some folks to believe the ends justify the means.? It's sad to say, but I witness this belief way too often.
>Marlene? ? ??
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