Date: 4/28/18 11:49 am
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] BlacklickWoods-BigWalnut,4-28:PurpleFinch,RustyBlackbird,otherMigrants
I stopped at these two south Columbus parks this morning and found
migration finally starting to break through here. Lots of early migrants,
including some of the early neotropicals, but the surprises included some
very late temperate migrants. Notables for the morning included:

Ducks - Wood Ducks at both parks, Blue-winged Teal at Big Walnut
Raptors - Red-tails at both parks, while a calling Red-shouldered was at
Flycatchers - the expected Phoebes at both parks, but Blacklick also had
Great Crested
Swallows - small numbers of Rough-wings & Barns at both parks
Vireo - 1 White-eyed was singing near Ashton Pond at Blacklick
Wrens - plenty of House Wrens at both locations, but no lingering Winter
Gnatcatchers - 4-5 at each park
Kinglets - all Ruby-crowns, with 5-6 at each park
Thrushes - Hermit at big Walnut, Wood Thrush at Blacklick, but this group
was scarce
Mimids - singing Brown Thrashers at each park
Warblers - Yellow-rumps abundant (30+ at Big Walnut, 10+ at Blacklick), but
also had Parula (BW), Nashville (both), Yellow-throated (2-3 at each), Pine
(BW), Palms (both), N.Waterthrush (Blacklick)
Sparrows - White-throateds abundant at each park; Blacklick also had
several Fields, Chippings
RustyBlackbird - 1 was singing by a flood pool along the creek at Big
Walnut, a very late date here
PurpleFinch - a gorgeous male was at the Nature Center feeders at Blacklick


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