Date: 4/28/18 10:38 am
From: DAVID PATICK <patick...>
Subject: Pocahontas County Birding
I birded this am in Pocahontas County looking for any new arrivals. Some of the birds seen were:

Hillsboro Cabin:

Barred Owl-1

Least Flycatcher-1 FOS

Blue-headed Vireo-2


Hooded Warbler-2

American Redstart-2

Hillsboro Farmer's Ponds:

Greater Yellowlegs-1

Spotted Sandpiper-3



Bobolink-1 FOS

Savannah Sparrow-2


Worm-eating Warbler-1

Black-and-white Warbler-1

Cranberry Glades Boardwalk and vicinity:

Ruby-throated Hummingbird-1FOS

Blue-headed Vireo-8

Black-throated Green Warbler-3


Louisiana Waterthrush-1

Northern Waterthrush-1 FOS

Common Yellowthroat-1

Blackburnian Warbler-2 FOS

Yellow-rumped Warbler-2

Swamp Sparrow-2

Ruby-crowned Kinglet-3

Hermit Thrush-4

Ruffed Grouse-2 drumming

Red-breasted Nuthatch-2

Falls of Hills Creek:

Red-breasted Nuthatch-1

Black-throated Blue Warbler-2 FOS

Canada Warbler-1 FOS

David Patick,

Huntington, WV 25701

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