Date: 4/28/18 10:15 am
From: Bill Volkert <billvolkert11...>
Subject: [wisb] Warbler Migration
While the early arrivals had to contend with a late spring snowstorm, many
of us are anticipating the arrival of other migrant birds over the next few
weeks. The weather is certainly improving, but I am somewhat concerned
that the soil temperatures are still quite cold and I am seeing very few
insects. I wonder if things will warm up enough to encourage trees and
shrubs to begin leafing out and produce a good insect hatch before the
warblers and other songbirds arrive.
If not, this could put additional stress on these birds if they arrive on
southerly winds and find little food available in such a late spring. We
could really use a warm rain to help advance things. We'll have to see
what the rest of this spring brings and hopefully other migrants find
better weather than we have had so far..

Good birding

Bill Volkert
FdL Co

Bill Volkert

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