Date: 4/28/18 10:09 am
From: Tristan Lowery <tristanlowery...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [HMBirds] 4/28 - Five Rivers
John Kent, Tom and Colleen Williams, and I birded spent just under three
hours birding Five Rivers this morning, finding 53 species, including
several first-of-year birds for all of us.

Highlights included seven species of wood-warblers: both waterthrush
species (at least two *Louisiana Waterthrushes* and one *Northern
Waterthrush* - all singing), a singing *Black-throated Green Warbler*,
a *Black-and-White
Warbler*, a few *Palm Warblers*, *Pine Warblers* (including one female),
and several *Yellow-rumped Warblers* (also singing).

We picked out a singing male *Bobolink* far out in the field off the Wild
Turkey Trail, as well as one *Eastern Meadowlark*. Other expected April
arrivals included a *Blue-gray Gnatcatcher*, a *Green Heron*, two *Spotted
Sandpipers*, and several singing *House Wrens*, *Eastern Towhees*, *Swamp
Sparrows*, and *Field Sparrows*. We also found both kinglets, with
Ruby-crowneds greatly outnumbering Golden-crowneds.

A much briefer stop at Normanskill Farm before heading to Five Rivers was
quieter, but we did find a single *Blue-headed Vireo*, a somewhat late year
bird for all of us.

Complete Five Rivers checklist with photos

Good birding!

Tristan Lowery

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