Date: 4/28/18 6:33 am
From: Puget Sound Birds <pugetsoundbird...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Major Headwinds Make it a Tough Day for migrants on Whiskey Is.
To add to the migration record, Landon Jones and I had a major movement of
migrants on Whiskey Is. yesterday while monitoring the beach nourishment
project there. There were many birds flying in from the Gulf in the
morning, with species like bay-breasted on the beach! The winds were not
too strong in the morning, and we saw some birds just kept on going. While
not having the opportunity to actually 'bird' we could not help document
many catbirds, thrushes and warblers, when they land at your feet! There
were, unfortunately, many casualties of this system. I came across a dead
scarlet tanager, 2 waterthrushes and 2 catbirds just lying on the sand.
All appear to be Second Year birds, facing their first journey north.
There must have been a major mortality from this late system.

Sorry I cannot be at the LOS meeting to give my hurrah to Dan Purrington,
but all I can say is that Dan has been a great mentor to me for the past,
well, many years...

don norman
Cocodrile, LA
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