Date: 4/27/18 8:08 pm
From: Jeff Calhoun <jeffcalhoun11...>
Subject: Hudsonian Godwit, Curve-billed Thrasher... Hodgeman Co
I birded a little bit this afternoon. There is a playa in western Ford
County that shockingly has water, and on it were quite a few birds, the
best being a single Marbled Godwit. I was in an odd mood so I returned home
and took a nap. After waking up I noticed two Red Crossbills (and one
Red-breasted Nuthatch) at my backyard feeders.

Then I went out for an evening session in Hodgeman County. Yellow-rumped
Warblers were the passerine of the day. They were in all appropriate
habitats and in good numbers. The absolute best stop of my Spring so far
(not saying much) was Hodgeman WA. Lots of mudflats with shorebirds, gulls,
terns, pelicans, etc. I had another Marbled and also a Hudsonian Godwit.
Hudsonian is quite good out here in my opinion! The first farmstead west of
the lake had a Curve-billed Thrasher making a brief appearance but I was
unable to coax it out. New county bird for me!! As the night waned I saw a
Short-eared Owl and some Prairie Chickens in Hodgeman County. I tried
extremely hard for Poorwill in northern Ford County; first stop had
chickens going late and loud, second stop had geese and chorus frogs going
too loud. I heard distant Turkeys and Harris’s Sparrows so they must just
not be around... I don’t know where they are in FO Co :(.

Jeff Calhoun
Dodge City, KS

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