Date: 4/27/18 5:03 pm
From: Kara K Beach <islippednfell...>
Subject: Today's Birds
1 Chirping sparrow (a life bird for me)

2 male brown headed cowbirds

2 Carolina chickadees

3 Blue Jays

2 Male Ruby Throated humming birds and 1 female

3 Crows

1 Great Blue Heron (waiting to eat all my fish, or a few frogs)

1 male Rose breasted Grosbeak

1 Downy woodpecker

2 Red belly woodpeckers

1 White crowned sparrow

1 nuthatch

1 titmouse

Heard one pileated woodpecker

Those are the birds that I recognized, although I had to compare a photo to
birds on All About Birds to ID the chirping sparrow.

We have some speckled eggs in one nest box, 4 bluebird eggs in another nest
box and 5 bluebird eggs in the favored nest box.

Kara (in Alco)

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