Date: 4/27/18 3:27 pm
From: Alan & Joan Linquist <linquists...>
Subject: [wisb] Mockingbird/Kettle Moraine North
Hello - After a cold week with snow, I thought today would be a good day to travel around the Northern Kettle Moraine and do some birding.  There are a lot of robin sized birds but not a lot of smaller birds.  I know this has a lot to do with the snowstorms we had but, I also think that the lack of budding in the trees and bushes might also have something to do with it.  I saw flying insect eaters, such as swallows, all over the place, the birds who like to pick at whatever is found hatching out of the trees and bushes are not many and this includes the warblers.       Also, I was very surprised to find a mockingbird in the New Fane area.  It was a juvenile but, like every mockingbird, it was singing endlessly, high up on the tallest tree.  There were also a lot of redwinged blackbirds.  Now, assuming that birders are referring to the e-bird list of Wisconsin rarities rather than the DNR list, here is what I saw:Red Winged Blackbird (84) Everywhere but, surprisingly, not t
hat many in Mauthe Lake's marsh;Robin (44);Starling (36);Tree Swallows (31);Canada Goose (19);
Cardinal (9) every stop had a cardinal or two;Mourning Dove (7);Sandhill Crane (8);Golden Crowned Kinglet (6) along Milwaukee River and Lighthouse Road in Barton.  Didn't see any in  the NKM;American Crow (6);Bufflehead (6); Dundee MillTurkey Vulture (5);Barn Swallow (5) along Smith Lake;Black Capped Chickadee (5) juncos are gone but the chickadees are still with us;
Mallard Duck (4);Blue Jay (3);Yellow Rumped Warbler (3) along Mauthe Lake, could have been more;Rock Pigeon (2);Northern Harrier (1) sitting in a low tree;Ruby Crowned Kinglet (2); found one with GC Kinglets and the other with ChickadeesHorned Grebe (2)  Their facial markings were orange and not yellow – in Mauthe Lake;American Tree Sparrow (2);Red Bellied Woodpecker (2);Wood Duck (2);Ring Necked Duck (2);Ring Billed Gull (2);Common Loon (2);Eastern Towhee (1);Field Sparrow (2) Heard them here and there;Solitary Sandpiper (1) This was far away and difficult to see but the most logical choice;Great Blue Heron (1);Downy Woodpecker (1);Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (1) The YBSS flew in next to the downy on a tree.  You could see the big white back stripe on the downy but no big stripe on the YBSS, just the smaller ladder striping.  I couldn't see whether there were yellow markings on it or not but there were no red markings;Turkey (1);Northern Mockingbird (1)  a juvenile with light bre
ast spots.  Put on quite a performance this morning.
Alan Linquist (Washington and Fon du Lac Counties)
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