Date: 4/27/18 3:19 pm
From: Teresa M <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Misplace birds
Funny little birds buzz around my head now I count four females two male
Ruby Throated Hummingbirds. One sits behind my neck hiding from a male. I
said uhno, don't get me involved in your feud.

Brown headed cow bird unfortune to be seen out there.
Yet the Scarlet Tanager is a welcome sight.
The surprise bird of all and I looked twice too, is the Red Headed
Woodpecker whom got to be lost? This isn't His kind of woods at all so why
did he fly in here to feast among them all?
The Grosbeaks seem to have left since I had around 8 males yesterday
. Blue Indigo flash his color in the leaves as he dance down among the feed.

My nerves are a bit tight today since I had a visitor at my door that I
didn't know was coming at all. However, It may be a good thing afterall,
since finally, finally someone caught proof off our phone line of something
wrong. Not just my words anymore. Its a start.

I look at the birds now.. Fly away that song pops in my head. As I
think and hope? That I never lose my love for watching and feeding them no
matter what the future holds. Teresa, Hector, AR

The more you give thanks? The more you will receive.

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