Date: 4/27/18 10:15 am
From: Jeanne & Curt Heuer <heuers3...>
Subject: [wisb] Bonaparte's gull, Door County

We sent Wednesday, Apr 25 and Thursday, Apr 26 in Door County. Many of the trails in the parks were still not accessible - mud, and in many cases still some snow. So this is probably not a thorough list of what we could have seen. But I wanted to report that did see a lot of Bonaparte’s gulls, mainly in flooded farm fields. The first bunch was on County C coming into Sturgeon Bay from the west. Later we saw 10-20 on Plum Bottom Road which turns into Cty V. There were also Tundra swans, ring billed gulls, wigeon, killdeer, one lone greater yellowlegs and a wood duck in this flooded field. Up at Rowley’s we also some some Bonaparte’s.

While in Peninsula St. Park we found 3 Ruby Crowned kinglet and about 4 yellow dumped warblers.

Rowley’s Bay had a Horned Grebe. And at Cave Point we strongly believe we saw about (at least) three Eared Grebes. still in molt. Lake was rough and they were bobbing and diving like crazy. Also an Eastern Phoebe at Cave Pt.

Kind of a hit and miss report but I was happy to see a few of the birds that have been reported missing or dead.

Jeanne Heuer, New Franken

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