Date: 4/27/18 9:50 am
From: Jennifer Ambrose <jenthreat...>
Subject: [wisb] Two Milwaukee area Bird Walks for May and one for June
*Hosted by Wisconsin Metro Audubon Society*
*Saturday, May 5 at 9am at Forest Home Cemetery: *
Meet at the main entrance on Forest Home Ave. for a walk led by Bill
Holton. Last year, we spotted a Red-headed woodpecker and nesting
Bluebirds, proving there can be nature any where in the city. We also saw
many sparrows and a pair of Eastern Towhees, plus more expected birds like
Downy Woodpeckers, crows, etc. Who knows what we will see this year?!
*Address*: 2405 W Forest Home Ave in Milwaukee.

*Saturday, May 12 at 8am at Seminary Woods: *
This is our most popular event each year. If you’ve never birded Seminary
Woods, be sure to join us this year! In May, we always find several
warbler, thrush, and vireo species. Walking over to the adjacent grasslands
might allow for looks at an Eastern Meadowlark, various sparrow species and
more warblers, too! Meet at Jacob’s Well (Former FIXX Coffee House at 3558
E Sivyer Ave, just north of Packard and Howard) at 7:30am OR in the parking
lot by the fields behind the Cousins Center at 8am. *Address:*

3501 S Lake Dr, Saint Francis, Wisconsin 53235
* For a detailed map to the Cousins Center, see this web link: *

*Saturday, June 2nd: Late Spring Migrants Walk at Bender Park*

Bender Park is a place that many are not familiar with. If you’ve never
explored this large park in Oak Creek, this walk is a good opportunity to
learn about the hotspots. We’ve seen cuckoos and grassland birds like
Bobolinks and Dickcissels during most years. These birds, plus Willow
Flycatchers, Eastern Kingbirds, Savannah, Field and Clay-colored Sparrows
nest at Bender Park, and sometimes meadowlarks are present. We might also
choose to explore the new Lake Vista Park just north of Bender. These
locations can make for exciting birding! *We will meet at 8am in the gravel
lot just inside the entrance to the Park where 4503 E Ryan Rd dead ends.
You can easily search for the park via Google Maps.*

Jennifer Ambrose
Bayview, Milwaukee County

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