Date: 4/27/18 8:12 am
From: Joe Tucker <000001df0ca37a3b-dmarc-request...>
Subject: "Wings Over Arkansas"
The AGFC (Arkansas Game and Fish Commission) has a birding reward program called "Wings Over Arkansas". Up until recently, to participate, you had to manually with your pencil fill out their unwieldy tiny print bird list to submit with your application for each level of achievement. With a couple of phone calls, we were able to convince them to allow us to submit copies of our list from It is easy to copy and print your individual list from e-bird. There are six levels of achievement and you get a certificate and lapel pin with each level. (and a calendar and magnets, etc) The really neat thing, is, you can use your existing lists from e-bird so many of you if not most of you can quickly obtain all six levels!

So, all you need to do is down load the application. Make six copies, and send it in with your e-bird list for the appropriate number of species listed. (I suggest you send one level per week) The requirement does NOT REQUIRE DIFFERENT specie numbers. The point is only to get out doors and bird and list the species you saw, when and where and the number of each you saw.

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Joe Tucker

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