Date: 4/26/18 11:07 pm
From: Meredith Hawkins <merehawkins22...>
Subject: fos
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A banner year --

Our first male Indigo Buntings arrived April 14; three were feeding with
several chipping sparrows. For the past week we've had up to fifteen males
and two females IBs at a time.

Three pine warblers have been eating suet for a week or so.

April 25 male Blue Grosbeak at sunflower feeder (a life bird for me)
April 27 3 male Baltimore Orioles at different suet feeders (another
life bird) Tomorrow I'll put out grape jelly and oranges.(I put some out
last year to no avail).

*RT hummingbird numbers growing each day. Sixteen today. Last year the
females out-numbered the males five to one, the first year I've seen that

*Bluebirds are nesting in one bb box and chickadees are nesting in another.

*Last year we had 3-5 cowbirds that hung around for the summer.
Unfortunately we have a flock of around 20 this year. I keep enlarging the
areas where I ground feed so everyone will get a chance.

And last but not least, our pair of barn swallows are back. Last year we
enjoyed watching them build their mud nest on the back wall of our cabin.
They raised four babies. They visit throughout the day - the female sitting
in the nest and the male perching on a log nearby. I hope they decide to

Meredith Hawkins
outside of Little Italy on hwy 300

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