Date: 4/26/18 5:22 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Galena-Sunbury,4-26:osprey,CaspianTern,fewMigrants
I stopped at a few spots around the north end of Hoover Reservoir today,
and found migration somewhat stalled despite (or because) of the nice
weather. Perhaps most of the migrants are overflying us. Stops at the
Boardwalk, Area N, Hoover Meadows, the Sunbury causeway, and Twin Bridges
found a steady trickle of Ruby-cr.Kinglets, House Wrens, and Yellow-rumped
warblers, but little else for migrants. Notables included

Osprey - at least 4-5 were hanging around the platforms and bay off the
boardwalk at Area M
Red-br.Mergansers - at least 3 were still around off the Boardwalk
Caspian Tern - an adult was sitting with a group of gulls on a snag off the
Cliff Swallows - at least 2 were hanging around the Sunbury causeway, but
none had returned to the colonies at Area N or Twin bridges
Parula Warbler - 1 was singing along Big Walnut Creek in Area N
Yellow-throated Warblers - singers in many locations
Field Sparrows - 5-6 were already on territories at Hoover Meadows
Swamp Sparrows - 2 were singing in the marshes at Hoover Meadows


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