Date: 4/26/18 4:54 pm
From: 'Tom and Kay McConnell' <immac...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...>
Subject: [wsbn] Spring Valley (Garfield)
Kay & I went up to Spring Valley again this morning. I took some things to repair the gate on County Road 119 but it was open today. High point of the visit today was meeting the ranch foreman, who asked if had seen Sandhill Cranes today. He said that the cranes have been around for several weeks and for the past five summers. He pointed out the places where the cranes are usually found and said that he had found a nest while cutting hay last summer. The nest was at the same place we found two adults and a youngster two summers ago. We did not see the cranes today.

Returning sparrows, we saw only 4 Vespers (1 singing), maybe Brewer’s, Savannahs, Grn-tld Towhees will be back on the next visit. Song Sparrows and Spotted Towhees singing of course. Ylw-headed Blackbirds, Loggerhead Shrike and Wht-faced Ibis at the sod farm and a Sora calling from the sod farm marsh. The CMC slough had ducks but no shorebirds today.

Dinner in Vernal, UT tomorrow night. I’m ordering quail.

Tom & Kay

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