Date: 4/26/18 2:45 pm
From: Georgia McDonald <gmcdonald1501...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Morgan Run NEA, Carroll Co
Black vulture
Turkey vulture
Red-shouldered hawk
Red-tailed hawk
Mourning dove
Red-bellied woodpecker
Downy woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker
Eastern phoebe
White-eyed vireo - 1
Blue jay
American crow
Tree swallow
Carolina chickadee
Tufted titmouse
White-breasted nuthatch
Carolina wren
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Ruby-crowned kinglet
American robin
Northern mockingbird
Louisiana waterthrush - 3
Common yellowthroat - 3
Northern parula - 1
Yellow-rumped warbler
Prairie warbler - 2
Chipping sparrow
Field sparrow
White-throated sparrow
Eastern towhee
Northern cardinal
Brown-headed cowbird
American goldfinch

Georgia McDonald Towson, Balt Co

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