Date: 4/26/18 1:17 pm
From: Craig Holt <0000007fe6ec5d00-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Pymatuning L., Crawford Co.
I had a good time birding on the PA side of Pymatuning L. today.  I visited the causeway, Miller's ponds, the spillway, and the fish hatchery.  Waterfowl and allies were in small numbers but good variety for the date.  Seen were: wood duck, blue-winged teal, n. shoveler, gadwall, green-winged teal, ring-necked duck, lesser scaup, bufflehead, red-breasted merganser, ruddy duck, common loon, horned grebe, and double-crested cormorant.  Raptors included bald eagle and Am. kestrel.  Shorebirds were represented by 20+ each of lesser yellowlegs and greater yellowlegs.  I tallied 18 Bonaparte's gulls and 35 Caspian terns.  The rest of the list included belted kingfisher, purple martins at nest gourds, nesting cliff swallows, savannah sparrow, and e. meadowlarks.  Craig Holt, Lowellville Ohio
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