Date: 4/26/18 1:03 pm
From: Craig Holt <0000005e41671c14-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Ashtabula Co. birds
I went up to Ashtabula Co. today.  Started in Denmark Twp. at Stollaker Rd./Rte. 193.  Got savannah sparrows and e. meadowlarks, but no sign of upland sandpiper yet.  Next I went to Conneaut harbor.  Both gates were locked, so I walked out on the spit.  That was a good thing, because the extremely high water of L. Erie had virtually washed out the sand road leading onto the spit.  I was hoping for a big showing of Caspian terns, but only counted 26.  Also present were buffleheads, red-breasted mergansers, horned grebes, double-crested cormorants, 9 bald eagles, Am. coots, Bonaparte's gulls, 3 great black-backed gulls, barn swallow, and cedar waxwing.  Spotted sandpipers and bank swallows have not arrived yet.  I headed south on SR 7 and saw an Am. kestrel on territory in Monroe Twp.  Last stop was at Pymatuning L.  Found on the Ohio side were: buffleheads, hooded merganser, red-breasted mergansers, common loons, double-crested cormorants, great egret, osprey, 20 Bonaparte's gulls, 20 cliff swallows, yellow-rumped warbler, and purple finch.  Craig Holt, Lowellville


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