Date: 4/26/18 12:20 pm
From: Jack E. Solomon <00000003433c95af-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Frick Today, Allegheny County, Black-throated Green Warbler. Yesterday, Great Horned Owl
Frick Park Today, Allegheny County, Selected Observations and remarks: on Riverview HillBlack-throated Green Warbler, singing near the water fountain.Fox Sparrow, singingHermit ThrushRuby-crowned Kinglet, singing
Yesterday, Great Horned Owl on S. Clayton Trail, near the horseshoe curve some us call Screech Owl Bend.
Jack Solomon, with Susie Solomon
Nothing of any value follows below.
The bend got its name because of the Screech Owl Walt Shaffer found there 15 years ago. It stayed around several days, and was easily found by many birders because of the clever way Walt marked the spot. Someone had dropped a little garden marker on on the trail there, the kind that you write the name of the plant on, with a pointed end.  Walt rotated it around 30 or 40 degrees so that the pointed end pointed to the limb of the tree down the slope where the owl perched. Walt (and I) felt it was an ethical way to mark the spot. No litter was added to the park.  I was there regularly so after the owl disappeared for a week, I disposed of the marker responsibly.
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