Date: 4/25/18 9:52 pm
From: Josh Bruening <87211jjb...>
Subject: [cobirds] Weld County and then some

Took the day off from work to finish some lingering home improvement
projects. They are hard to complete when the parts you order don't show
up. Only one thing to do after a few aggravating phone calls: Go
birding. Headed to Weld County with Longspurs on the brain.

First stop-Crom Lake
A few Willets and Wilson's Phalaropes. Water is still quite high

Headed to the Longspur spot previously referenced by Dave Leatherman and
others on CR45 north to CR114.
7-Chestnut-collared Longspurs-6 males and 1 female. Right along the road
and hard to miss. I posted a couple poor photos on my Ebird report.
1-McCown's Longspur-male
FOS-Vesper Sparrows and Burrowing Owl along the way
4-Loggerhead Shrikes between CR49 south to Purcell on CR90
1-Shrike spp. that I just could not make my mind up on. Mask right for
Loggerhead but had a long bill that looked disproportionate for that
Great Horned Owl on nest

Crow Valley-Not much of anything other than a Townsend's Solitaire that
seemed out of place with the newly arrived Common Grackles. Left there and
hit CR79 just south of 14.
1-Mountain Plover in one of the fallow fields in between the winter wheat.
1-Long-billed Curlew in the adjacent wheat

Anyone wishing to find Mountain Plovers at this point may want to do that
soon as the grass/wheat/alfalfa is getting high enough to obscure most
everything. The plains overall seem quite dry. No "wet spots" even with
the recent moisture. The "pond" or wide spot in Crow Creek at Crow Valley
is quite low now. Not many Vesper Sparrows yet. No Lark Buntings or other
sparrows that I could find today. We can't be more than a week out for
some of these expected species, though.

Pond on County Line Road (CR13 Larimer/Weld) north of 14 by approximately 3
miles on the Weld County side
20+ Marbled Godwits
8 Willet
20+ Wilson's Phalaropes
1-Long-billed Dowitcher
8 peeps I would like to name Shimmer Sandpipers because they were hard to
see and dancing in the waves
Wood Duck pair

Lastly, Rigden Reservoir in Fort Collins/Larimer County again today. Most
everything was still there from yesterday save the Marbled Godwits and
Clark's Grebe. The massive Swallow flock had moved on as well. More Least
Sandpipers and a pair of Redheads.

Fun outing on the plains. More Pronghorn every year it seems to me.
Several Mule deer and some hybrid White-tailed/Muley. One giant bull snake
got the heart racing...

Bird is the word!

Josh Bruening
Fort Collins

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