Date: 4/25/18 5:38 pm
From: pep4223 <pep4223...>
Subject: House Wrens, BG Gnatcatcher, Cooper's Hawk, Eastern Phoebe nest - Jefferson County yard
After being out of country for half the month, I was trying to catch up on yard chores after the rain stopped. I was fortunate to have 2 first of season birds, but I'm a far cry behind Carol Del Colle's great yard sightings this week. Two House Wrens hung around singing for a mate, but didn't stay more than 1 hour. They should be back tomorrow, as I often have up to 4 singing males early season.

While pulling Garlic Mustard, I noticed I was getting bit by gnats in the yard late afternoon, despite me having insect repellent on. Then a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher came to my rescue, singing in the trees while eating those pesky gnats.

A Cooper's Hawk hung out for a little while, checking out possible feeder visitors as a potential snack. No attempts to snatch feeder birds today.

I have Eastern Phoebe's nesting on my backyard porch light. Using a mirror and small step ladder, I checked the nest out a few days ago to see if it was still active. It had 4 beautiful eggs in it. So no more going out the back downstairs door or sitting on my glider chair by the pond for a while. Two years ago, we fledged 3 phoebe young from this same exact nest spot, so I expect to have little ones in the nest soon.

Happy Spring Birding,


Jefferson County, WV
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