Date: 4/25/18 1:47 pm
From: CK Franklin <meshoppen...>
Subject: Yellow-billed Cuckoos at Pinnacle Mountain SP Visitors Center
Three Cuckoos were talking to each other this morning at the Visitors Center. A fair number of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds squabbled over feeders and buckeye blooms. The Fringe Tree was in full, glorious bloom before the rain and probably still is since the rain has been on the light side this afternoon. Three male Summer Tanagers were chasing a lone female although she may have been leading the fellas on. Lots of Black-and-White Warblers wheezing in the woods. I saw a couple of Yellow-throated Vireos on my way out. I did not hear or see the resident Pileated Woodpeckers. Odes were flying as were butterflies but I was on master gardener duty today with a side of birds & and nature.

Cindy F.
Pulaski County

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