Date: 4/25/18 1:00 pm
From: birdrecords <birdrecords...>
Subject: [NHBirds] North Mill Pond bird sighting help needed
I am posting this message for Nancy Johnson who is part of a group of residents looking for help gathering information on bird sightings at North Mill Pond in Portsmouth.

Becky Suomala

Dear Birdwatchers,

Part of the eastern shore of the North Mill Pond in Portsmouth is in the process of being rezoned with the intent to build a multi-level residential apartment building, and several town-house style buildings, the latter likely developed as condominiums, at the end of two apparently abandoned RR sidings. We, the neighbors, are not aware that the developer has approached NH DES or the EPA for any of this, but once they do, decisions could be made quickly. I am looking for birdwatchers who either regularly watch the many bird species which seem to thrive around the North Mill Pond, or anyone who is willing to share their information on the birds that they normally see there. We realize that the residential units are so much better than other options such as a hotel complex or retail stores. Sadly, purchasing this land for conservation seems not to be in anyone's budget.

Many of us who have cleaned up the North Mill Pond over the last two decades and enjoyed its beauty are worried. Many are concerned that when the "greenway" the developer is proposing goes in, the protective bushes and low growing plants that presently hug the shoreline could be removed and replaced with grass and pedestrian paths; we do not want to see wetland shrubs replaced with grass, mowed to the edge, like at the South Mill Pond.

If you have any information about the birds who live and nest along the shore of the North Mill Pond in Portsmouth or are willing to procure such information I would appreciate it if you could share it with me. Be aware at this time we don't have permission from the RR to walk their property, but I am happy to ask for it if anyone is interested in doing an actual study from that location. I think the study needs to happen before any development on the project begins so as to actually reflect the recent bird activity that is going on. If you have information or are willing to participate in a possible bird study please contact me at <n_johnson81...><mailto:<n_johnson81...> (subject: nmp-birds).

Thank you, Nancy Johnson

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