Date: 4/25/18 3:14 am
From: G & J Fenton Friesen <friesen.fenton...>
Subject: SW 14th Street Wetlands (HV)
I ran down to the SW 14th Street Wetlands last PM in Newton (HV) as the
cold front was making itself known. I tallied 6 species of ducks (Mallard,
Wood, Blue-winged, Green-winged, Ring-necked, and Northern Shoveler).
Shorebirds are hard to spot on the wetlands due to distance. Rules related
to the occasional emergency release of "product" from the waste water
treatment plant keep one from being able to get on the property proper.
Most shorebird seen were on Sand Creek along side the wetlands and included
Least Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper, Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser Yellowlegs
and a good mix of Wilson's Phalaropes. There were about 40 shorebirds that
flew over that i could not ID. Swallows along the creek included Barn,
Northern Rough-winged, Tree and Cliff Swallows. I had FOS Chimney Swifts
over the creek also. The most amazing animal was a very large beaver doing
self grooming out in the shallows of the wetlands. I thought he was a tree
stump at first.


Gregg & Joanna Fenton Friesen
Newton, KS

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