Date: 4/24/18 2:46 pm
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: "Lake at Marion"
There's a fairly wide stream of water, Lake Marion we'll call it, that's
not really a lake. It's more of a wide marshy Bayou with some more
open water areas and quite a few brushy and thicket areas. A perfect haven
for quite a few bird species. In water near the bank where I parked I got
nice closeup looks at a Pied billed Grebe swimming, ducking and catching
its prey to beat everybody else. A half mile from there near the "lake"
there was a Greater Yellowlegs in a mud flat of a field of high enough
water snatching its prey as efficiently as the Grebe was preying upon his.
The view of this bird was great also. There were many more common birds in
this watery area, including Northern Flickers and many blackbirds including
common Cowbirds, "purple grackles", RW Blackbirds (a green heron flyover)
and a few ducks too far away for me to ID. This stream is only about 3 to 4
miles from the Mississippi River. A nice little natural area not that far
away from beautiful downtown Marion AR. (Military Rd) Imagine that.

Bill Thurman

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