Date: 4/24/18 12:50 pm
From: Alan Strauss <ansch100...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Right Whale Report
April 24, 2018. 7 AM tob 11:30 Plymouth Bay

I started at Brant Rock and there were no whales. I found two Right Whales at the Blackmans Point section of Brant Rock.
Next I checked Green Harbor Beach. I counted about 13 whales in the distance toward Duxbury Beach.
I drove to Duxbury Beach and the whales were relatively close. High count of 18 individuals but there well have been more in the distance. There was at least one SAG of five. several clusters.
I saw one Right Whale do a full breech breech. There were flukes visible several times on diving whales. Skim feeding abundant. One whale kept on doing high tail lobbing. First I watched it do it 12 times
then 25 minutes later it did it 7 times in a row. by about 11:30 it seemed quiet and the whales were distance spouts.

People told me they saw whales in close yesterday day morning and at 7:30 PM. Supposedly the whales were there every morning this week. Also saw many Northern Gannets.

Alan Strauss, Providence
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