Date: 4/24/18 11:34 am
From: Peter McDonald <pmcdonaldtrees...>
Subject: Fwd: Jeff's Obituary
Good Afternoon,
The wife of one of our fellow birders (Jeff Del Col, of Phillipi) who died
in 2016 has asked me to share a link to a book of poetry written by Jeff.
I am hopeful that members of this list will find enjoyment in what Jeff has
written. Please see the request below as well as the link to the newly
published work.
Thank you,

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From: Carol Del Col <csdc47...>
Date: Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 2:14 PM
Subject: Re: Jeff's Obituary
To: Peter McDonald <pmcdonaldtrees...>

Dear Pete,

My late husband, Jeff Del Col, derived so much pleasure from his
interactions with the birding group, and as you may recall, he was an avid

Jeff was also a poet, and several months before his death, he had begun
putting together a collection of his poems. He had not yet completed that
project before he died, but I was able to finish it and seek publication.
The book was published a few weeks ago. Since many of his poems are about
the birds he encountered in West Virginia, it recently occurred to me that
some of the members of the WV birding group might enjoy those poems. So I
am wondering if you would be willing to share information about the
collection with the group. Here is the link to it on if you
would like to read more about it:

I would like to share Jeff's poetry with as many of his friends and former
colleagues and students as I can. Thanks so much.

Regards, Carol


Peter McDonald
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