Date: 4/24/18 10:28 am
From: Elise W <ewolf97...>
Subject: [COBOL] nest boxes
Tom is right, SE for the most part on location, but depends on how much
canopy you have. If your shrouded in trees, then South can be safe enough.
See - This site is superb for figuring out *anything re *nest
box. These little birds are not territorial between species, but will be
with conspecifics (same species). The Nestbox site tells you approx how far
away from each other you can put boxes.

Please exclude raccoons - nest boxes are basically an obvious buffet for
these guys, and they can simply reach in and pull the eggs, babies or
parents out. The little metal hole plates help to exclude the chipmunks and
squirrels (when the hole is small). The more you check on the bird, the
more of a path to the box you are creating. All your jays eat eggs to
adults as well, so if you frequently go look at your box, you could find a
jay perched on top one day snagging the babies as they stick their heads
out for feeding.

The nest box sizes on the Nestwatch site are correct except for Tree
Swallow and Bluebird (5.5 inch sq bottom for both). Metal poles place out
in a meadow are great for these guys. The Tree Swallow Project has a great
plan for these boxes and a load of info. For siding issues, put the box
right over or near the hole. Make sure there is fir or aspen chips in them,
excavators need to excavate or they may not like your box.

Elise Wolf
Native Bird Care
Sisters, OR

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