Date: 4/23/18 8:46 pm
From: Jim Moodie <jmoodie...>
Subject: [COBOL] White-crowned Sparrows everywhere in the yard (Deschutes River Woods 5 miles SW of Bend)

Anyone else getting big numbers of White-crowned Sparrows right now? After work, I counted 42, but I am confident that is an under count. I quick walkabout the yard produced White-crowns under the front and back feeders, at the two water features, under the manzanita and current bushes, on the lava flow, in the willows...everywhere. Many are singing too. After dinner, I counted 30 on the ground under the feeder and at the water feature in the backyard.

Hard for the Purple Finches (at least three males yesterday) and Cassin's Finches to gain access to the feeders. Two Chipping Sparrows on the fence this morning; didn't relocate them this afternoon.

Also hosting a male Downy Woodpecker the last three days.

It's migration-get out there! :^)


Dr. Jim Moodie
Science Dept
Bend, OR 97703
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