Date: 4/23/18 5:33 pm
From: Mary Jimenez <mary.jimenez509...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Indigo buntings or eastern bluebird?
Newbie here.

I cycling a lot around rural areas. I see eastern bluebirds here and there
all the time by themselves, usually perched.

But Sunday - after a very hard rain on Saturday night in the North
Louisiana area - during my ride I saw on three different occasions- flocks
(12 or more) of what I at first thought were eastern bluebirds, rising up
from the tall grass and thicket areas along the country roads. They looked
like blue violets lifting right off their stems and flying away. Very cool.
I have been riding for 25 years + and have never witnessed the same.

It almost made my year except earlier in the year I had a meeting with a
Barred Owl on a stop sign in my neighborhood that stayed there long enough
for me to stare right back at him. Super way cool.

When I read someone else's post about a recent Indigo fallout, I researched
a bit and think maybe that's what I saw? Any confirmation or correction
would be welcomed!

This was in the Mooringsport area and a tad north of there.

FYI : is it appropriate to ask where I could buy a quality used pair of

Mary Jimenez
Shreveport, LA
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