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Loved your poem.

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Dear Fellow Birders,

Today at 1 p.m., the Gray Catbird arrived in my yard. He really is my favorite bird. Where I grew up (Arlington, Virginia), they weren't much loved, being very aggressive and territorial, but here in Oklahoma, where they are relatively rare, they tend to be shy and secretive. Here's my poem about the Catbird for your amusement.


I love the Catbird.
I can't quite say why.
Perhaps it's his ineffable
shade of gray
verging on purple
or the velvety look
of his tail and the secret
red patch beneath it.
Perhaps it's his jaunty beret
and sharp dark eye.
He sings like a coloratura
in a Benjamin Britten opera,
then mews like his namesake
begging for treats or pats.
Most of all he's polite
and shy, waiting
his turn at the jelly,
eluding my binoculars.
But whenever I catch
a glimpse of him
I feel a surge of affection.

Published in Dragon Poet Review (Spring 2016)
copyright © 2016 by Jennifer Kidney

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