Date: 4/23/18 3:58 am
From: Fred Atwood <fatwood...>
Subject: Grant and Hardy counties Apr 22
Dear WV Birders
Finally, after two months absence, I was able to return for the day to
beautiful WV.
I birded Wardensville Wastewater ponds, Kimsey Run dam lake, and Parker's
Hollow Lake in Hardy, and Thorn Run Rd, Belle Babb Lane, Stony River Dam Rd
Lake, Hogueland Rd (very briefly), my cabin (Cabins), and South Mill Creek
Lake in Grant
I found 84 species (4 more species than my WV year list at the start of the
day), and added 29 FOY species to my year list. I didn't find anything
particularly unusual, but there was good variety. It was a lot of fun, and
the day was spectacular.

Each location has a separate list in eBird (Explore Data) but here are the
highlights in taxonomic order:
88 Canada Geese: including three families of flufflings at Wardensville
27 Wood Ducks
19 Blue-winged Teal: 9 pairs at Belle Babb, 1 male at South Mill Creek
2 Green-winged Teal: a pair at Belle Babb
1 Lesser Scaup: male at Belle Babb
1 Bufflehead: male at Stony River Dam Rd lake
3 Hooded Merganser: 1m and 2 f in a farm pond along Knobley Rd between Rtes
48 and 42
1 Common Merganser: f at Belle Babb
3 Ruddy Duck: Belle Babb
12 Pied-billed grebe, both counties, 5 locations
6 Horned Grebe, both counties, 4 at Kimsey Run; one in fabulous breeding
plumage at Stony R Dam Rd lake
4 Double -crested Cormorant, both counties, 3 locations
1 Green Heron, Parker's Hollow
3 Osprey: Kimsey, flying over Cabin, S Mill Creek
3 Bald Eagle: Kimsey
1 Broad-winged Hawk: Kimsey
14 Spotted Sandpiper at 5 locations, both counties, 8 at S Mill Crk
5 Solitary Sandpiper, 4 at S Mill Crk, 1 at Stony R Dam Rd
1 Greater Yellowlegs, Stony R Dam Rd Lake
1 Lesser Yellowlegs, S Mill Creek
1 Barred Owl calling in midafternoon near the Cabin
Belted Kingfisher cool behavipr: Male and female were near each other at
small pond at South Mill Creek Lake park. Male dove in to catch fish below
female's perch from 20 feet away and then flew up to her perch as she flew
20 feet to the perch he had flown from. Then after a couple minutes with
them rattling back and forth to each other, he flew to the big oak where
he whacked the sunfish-like fish against the branch repeatedly for a few
minutes until it was bloody and unmoving. Then within a minute of that, the
female flew to his perch in oak, and with both birds rattling, they leaned
towards each other and she pulled the fish from his tight grasp. He flew
off to his earlier pond perch. She stayed in oak holding fish for 10-11
minutes looking quite full from other meals. Crop and neck/throat looked
full/bulgy to me. Then she whacked the dead fish repeatedly for four
minutes on the branch, probably to soften it and break its bones for easier
swallowing. Then she swallowed it with difficulty. Three minutes later male
flew up to her to at the oak branch and they copulated after a bit of
2 Chimney Swift: single birds seen in Moorefield and Thorn Run Rd
3 Red-headed Woodpecker: Big Ridge Rd (Hardy), Knobley Rd (Grant)
3 Kestrel, 3 locations, both counties
4 Phoebes, 4 locations, both counties
2 Eastern Kingbird, Thorn Run Rd and Parker Hollow Lake
4 House Wrens: Thorn Run Rd all singing
5 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers in 3 locations, both counties
9 Ruby-crowned Kinglets in 3 locations, both counties
1 Gray Catbird Belle Babb
10 Brown Thrashers singing all over the place, 7 locations
10 Cedar Waxwing one floc kalong road between Baker and Kimsey Run
1 Ovenbird the Cabin
1 Louisiana Waterthrush road to Parker Hollow Lake
1 Black-and-white Warbler The Cabin
2 Pine Warbler in Grant: Cabin, S Mill Crk
1 Grasshopper Sparrow singing at Thorn Run Rd (clay-colored sparrow spot)
1 Savannah Sparrow Stony River Dam Rd

ALl the best
Fred Atwood
Cabins, Grant Co WV
Oakton, Fairfax Co, VA
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