Date: 4/23/18 2:14 am
From: Bostian, Kelly <Kelly.Bostian...>
Subject: Re: Mallard nesting beside our front walkway
Hi Alicia!
I’ve been looking for someone like you! Would love to find out all I can for you for a story for the newspaper.
You are not alone in this issue and public awareness is needed.
...and if you think the duck is in an area that is a big problem the thing you’ll have to do is call the Oklahoma Dept of Wildlife office in Jenks because it is a federally protected bird...
I’m looking at another hen nesting about a foot off the sidewalk near the entrance to Bass Pro Shops. Talk about a busy spot!!
Please call me?
Kelly Bostian
Tulsa World Outdoors Writer

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> On Apr 22, 2018, at 9:40 PM, Alicia Morris <aliciakayyyy...> wrote:
> We just moved into our new house 2 week ago, which had been vacant for about 6 months before us. Yesterday we were putting ant bait outside around the front yard -- and flushed out a mallard from a clump of grass right by our front door! We went again today to see if she was still there. We spent about 5 minutes looking around carefully and assumed she was gone -- until we pulled back part of the grass and she flushed again! We looked a little closer and found 10 EGGS she had been sitting on! Her nest is just to the side of the walkway to our front door, in the middle of a subdivision in Broken Arrow
> I'm wondering what we should do? I assume she has been there for the whole 2 weeks we've been here, and she certainly isn't bothering us. I'm worried that if we leave her, we are going to have a problem when the ducklings hatch! Any advice?
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