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61 species of bird on or over the property this weekend. Rain off and on.
Birds were moving through east to west even in the rain. More than ten
Blue-headed Vireos and about the same number of Philadelphia Vireos, most
of them calling. I laughed a few times at how many vireos were calling at
once with White-eyes coming into the yard and Red-eyes just in the mix. I
think for the first time in my life I had a White-eyed Vireo in the same
binocular view with a Blue-headed.

More Ruby-crowned Kinglets than I remember seeing in a long while. 50 or
more and sometimes 6 or 7 in sight at a time. The first Tennessee Warblers
moving quietly through. Many Nashville. Blue-winged Warblers in waves. No
Golden-wings yet.

First movements of Swainson’s Thrush with a lovely bird ten feet in front
of me on my road pounding a large beetle into submission. No singing. At
Bell surely one of the last remaining Hermit Thrushes.

The very rare appearance of a first year Orchard Oriole in the yard, nectar
cheating my wife’s red honeysuckle blooms for a good ten minutes going from
cluster to cluster. He barked a few times. Baltimores in the trees. A swarm
of singing Orchard’s at Bell on Sunday afternoon so large I think it was a
personal record. I was amazed by them.

Singing and barking Rose-breasted Grosbeaks above the yard both mornings. I
did not see a female.

I believe I have four pair of jays nesting on my 2 acres. Front yard pair,
back yard pair, over there somewhere pair and the meadow pair. Occasionally
one of the other pair will come into the back yard where the nesting pair
are and everyone will murmur the jay murmur and point their beaks in the
sky. No real fighting, but a lot of stance taking.

Wood Ducks in the swamp every day. And I think the one female is egg laying
but I have not had the courage to lift the top to see. Males come and go.

Ran to Bell on Sunday afternoon in the between rain break and found 22
other species I had not seen on the land for an 83 species weekend. The
north side of Bell has become the superb warbler trap but it is still
early. Droves of Yellow-rumps, Nashville, Parula and scattered Kentucky
there now. It is the place to watch. Had fun chasing Green Herons and that
one north side ditch is a wild wild west of Common Yellowthroat activity
already. Last bird was a single Solitary Sandpiper in the cow pasture at
the bottom of Round Mountain.

Beauty of a weekend in the bird world.

Herschel Raney
Conway AR

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