Date: 4/22/18 3:22 pm
From: Paul Griffin <pgriffin1...>
Subject: White-winged Dove
Hi Folks,

I just saw a White-winged Dove in my backyard near my feeders. I was expecting them. It was with some Mourning Doves eating thistle seed on the ground. It was jumpy and flew up a nearby tall tree along the alley. I was able to zoom in on it, and easily see the bold white mark on the edge of the folded wing and the broad tip of the tail, with the white tip. It was much bigger than the Mournings near it. I also have the more common Eurasian Collared-Dove in my neighborhood, they seem to be here all year now.

I also have a couple of Pine Siskins as almost all of the Goldfinches have left. A Titmouse comes and goes, been around most of the winter. Tons of House Finches, to many Starlings. The Robins have been hungry as they have been eating millet and thistle seed along with the Doves.

Its almost Warbler time. Also, hummingbirds. I can hardly wait.

Happy birding,

Paul Griffin, Wichita

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