Date: 4/22/18 2:28 pm
From: Teresa M <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Bird greetings
Pretty good morning of bird songs. Though my little life bird was gone.
Parula, Nashville, Tennessee, Redstart and Black and White Warblers. Rose
Breasted Grosbeaks along with normal stuff. 38 species for the day. Only
places I can go is porch steps or back window. I guess the birds that want
to see me are coming to me. Ha. But one thing I have noticed since last
week when a Hummingbird attacked me. Female Ruby. she hit me between the
eyes above my glasses than sat on my knee chattering away. In 2015,2016 I
had one female that would sit and take liquid out of my hand. Every day she
was on me from shoulder to knee. Wasn't afraid of the dogs would sit on
them too. Then I moved away in 2017. I wasn't here at all. Now there is
this female that hovers outside the screen door looking in and when I go
outside there she is again. Sitting on me or a dog talking away.

Do birds remember sad humans? I guess they do. This bird let me have a
scorning for sure . I found Leif feeder since mine got stolen. Her branch
is broken off I managed to climb up on something to hang the feeder on a
new higher branch. And she comes to sit upon us the minute we walk out the
door. I see why they are known for the symbolism of joy. She makes this
depressed soul smile with it. I know where her nest is, let see if she
brings her babies to me like before. Greeting me with their shy greetings
wondering why momma not afraid of this strange being.

The Carolina Wren came to me too and her scorning was twice as bad. How
dare I leave? I was guessing she said. It nice to be wanted by the birds of
the air.
Teresa, Hector, AR

Maybe there is hope for the future. You have to Believe in your dreams to
make it happen.

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