Date: 4/22/18 12:07 pm
From: Ron Gamble <rongamble...>
Subject: [birders] spring bird things........ north of Dexter
In the last 24 hours -

Walking at Hudson Mills yesterday, we heard blackbird sounds not quite
typical..checked it out and found a flock of about 30 Rusty Blackbirds in
trees in "wet woods" (just like the books say!), not far from the edge of
the Huron.

Heading out from our backyard this morning (Mast Rd. north of Dexter) to do
some birding before 7 a.m., I look up to note a tight V of dark colored
birds heading north and almost overhead.....15 Double Crested Cormorants...a
new bird for the Yard Count! That was a "right place, right time" sighting
for sure to add that species to our yard list.

While birding, was quiet enough to come upon Wild Turkey in farm field near
the edge of some woods, and I got to see the male strutting about, fanning
his tail open and closed, open and closed. I know some people have amorous
turkey visit their yards even, but this was my first time to see a wild male
turkey strutting his stuff.

Also, first singing field sparrows of the year, my first tree swallow from
the yard for the year, singing meadowlarks, pair of bluebirds checking out a
box - I love this time of year!

Faye Stoner/ Ron Gamble

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