Date: 4/21/18 10:23 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Carolina Wren fledglings
Coming back from the Farmer's Market I saw the Carolina Wren fledglings
again in the same area.  This time I had my binoculars and got a good
look at one of them sitting on top of some wood stacked between two
trees.  The wood is hollow and I thought they might have nested in one
of the pieces but didn't find anything. They really are sweet with that
rough plumage and little stub of a tail.

A bit ago the male Pileated was on the suet.  I never noticed before
that his red cap was not rounded but had about an inch of red bleeding
into the black portion on the back of his neck.  This is not noticeable
when you see the bird in profile.  I got some photos just to have a
record.  This is probably common but was new to me.  The female came to
the window tray again last evening for the peanut suet.  A few days ago
both male and female were moving around near the driveway.  I just
watched them for a while and then took another route for my dog walk so
as not to disturb them.  It is such a treat to have them around.

Bruni Haydl
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