Date: 4/20/18 5:08 pm
From: Wilbur Hershberger <wilhershberger...>
Subject: Excitement on the front porch
Around 7 PM a cacophony of calls attracted our attention to the front porch. Sitting on the floor was a young Carolina Wren just out of the nest. The parents were having a fit. Soon we saw why — a cat (we don’t own a cat so it wasn’t ours). We banged on the window and that sent the cat running. The little one remained near the ground for 10 or so minutes. One of the adults, perhaps the mother, flew up to the nest and began giving quiet calls. The little one was getting stronger at flying with each attempt. She/he actually flew back up to and crawled into the nest. The mother sounded content. However, he/she didn’t stay in the nest for long. Currently, the little one is in a bush by the front porch steps and under constant guard by the parents and homeowners.

This certainly seems early for Carolina Wrens to be fledging. What are the earliest dates for Carolina Wren fledglings that you have seen?

Wil Hershberger
Hedgesville, Jefferson Co., WV

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