Date: 4/20/18 4:34 pm
From: 'D. George Prisbe-Przybysz' <prisbe.przybysz...> [sd-birds] <sd-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [sd-birds] breeder arrivals and more
today marked the return of red-naped sapsuckers to the higher elevations of
lawrence county at hanna. prior to this we had our first yellow-rumped
warbler (audubon's) on wednesday, ruby-crowned kinglets, one of our most
common breeders, returned on the 16th.

chipping sparrows are back, but not yet singing.

also, today, we had a flock of 120+ common redpolls in the balsom poplar
trees behind our house.

other recent highlights have been fox sparrow (only the third observation
of this species over the past 14 years); white-winged crossbills making a
typical cameo appearance; and two pair of cassin's finch that visit the
feeders each day.

george prisbe
hanna, lawrence county


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